The Non Smokers' Movement of Australia Inc.
Protecting the rights of the Non-smoking majority from tobacco smoke and the tobacco industry's propaganda.

Updates and Newsletters from the NSMA

Clean Air Updates

Clean Air Clarions

  • Clarion - July 1983 (Raw Version)
    CONTENTS: The Smoke of Battle Over Smoking; What to do about smoking in the workplace; Progress in America; New Hope in the Workplace; World Conference of Smoking and Health; Tobacco advertising to be phased out at airports; Good news from Newcastle public hospitals; Proposed trust fund by doctors to fund sport instead of tobacco; Quit for Life campaign; Finland takes the lead; Local government news - Tamworth Council; Like rust, evil never sleeps; Transport of delight for non-smokers.

  • Clarion - December 1977 - First Issue (Raw Version)
    CONTENTS: From the President; On the Buses; Restaurants; Overseas News; Free Government Cigarettes?; Good news travels fast; Poison a child today; Federal elections; N.S.M.A. stickers.

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