The Non Smokers' Movement of Australia Inc.  
Protecting the rights of the Non-smoking majority from tobacco smoke
and from the tobacco industry's propaganda.

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Articles and Publications

  Submission about Tobacco Control in NSW, December 2013

Submission about Smoke-free Outdoor Eating and Drinking Areas in South Australia, October 2013

Submission about Tobacco Control in NSW 2011-2016, January 2011

What to do about Smoke Drift from Neighbours

Non Smoking Locations and Restaurants

Submission for Smoke Free Tasmania, September 2010

Submission to the ACT Drug Strategy 2010-2014

Submission to the NSW Smokefree Environment Regulation, 2007

Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Tobacco, 2006

Read the Truth on Tobacco

City Rail and the Stations of Shame, 2002

Submission Against Tobacco Advertising, 1993
Submission to NZ Parliamentary Committee - Jan 1996
Submission to the Australian Senate Enquiry - 1994

Smoking in the Third World
The Next 25 Years - Keynote Address by Judith Mackay, 1997
Resolutions from the World Conference in Beijing, August 1997

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Jokes about Tobacco and Smoking
Quotes about Tobacco and Smoking

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