The Non Smokers' Movement of Australia Inc.  
Protecting the rights of the Non-smoking majority from tobacco smoke
and from the tobacco industry's propaganda.

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Smoking is Good For You
Some pictures showing the advantages of smoking

Pulp Fiction Tattoo Smoking
Smoking illustrates your lifestyle
Obese Fat Smoker
Smoking helps you lose weight
man smokes while wife walks behind carrying heavy load
Smokers are more relaxed
sporty girl smoker while boy takes picture upskirt with mobile phone
More people will want to take your picture.
pregnant smoker unborn child
Help toughen up your baby by smoking when pregnant.

The real world is so polluted what with smog, carbon pollution, heavy industry, climate change, record-breaking bushfires, huge storms and methane gas escaping in Russia. Any preparation is worthwhile.
British chav pikey smoker with baseball cap singing karaoke microphone
Smoking helps your voice for singing
man smoking on toilet with computer keyboard and listening to music on headphones
Smokers get more jobs done
Old woman smoker 100th birthday cake candles
Smoking is an Adult Custom
British chav girl chavette smoker posing with blonde wig and cigarette and bling with pink and blue tracksuit
Be More You

    The Non-Smokers' Movement of Australia Inc, Box K860, Haymarket NSW 1240.  
This page was last updated on Friday, 19th December 2013.
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